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Why Choose Healing & Drumming Circle?

Through journeys, teachings, guided live meditations, channeled messages and group healings, our goal will be to ascend together as a group. I will let Spirit take the lead, and we will go with the flow.

Experience Greater Awareness & Intuition

Gain greater self-awareness, feel more connected to your intuition, and begin to trust the guidance you receive when you’re on your own.

Master Inner Peace

Learn to feel fully supported in any situation you are going through.

Gain certainty in a peaceful knowing that you can cultivate at any time.

Live in Harmony With Self & Others

Our inner world reflects our outer world. As you gain confidence and connection to your Higher Self, life becomes harmonious

Are you seeking a powerful and holistic way to restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit?

Look no further! The Healing and Drumming Circle at Golden Healings offers a transformative journey into the world of energy healing and rhythm

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What You Will Receive

Live Healing & Drumming Circles twice a month

Group healings, meditations, journeys, channeled messages and teachings

Experience the power of participating in a spiritual group

Recording of the live sessions to use any time at your leisure

Join the Healing & Drumming Circle Today!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation with the Healing & Drumming Circle at Golden Healings. Unleash your inner potential and embrace a life of balance, harmony, and well-being.

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